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Wolfman Rainier Tank bag, Initial Review

Posted by Josh Shorley on

I've been using the same tank bag for half a decade but now that we've partnered with Wolfman I want to get up close and personal with their products. I decided to start with the Rainier tank bag and upon initial inspection my first thought was, wow this thing is huge. Is it worth the price? Lets find out... 

top view with map pocket. glove used for size reference...

Rainier Wolfman size with glove

After I sat down and started transferring my items from old bag to new I became appreciative of its size. The quality of the bag was immediately apparent and all of the pockets make organization a snap. Let's face it, on long trips we want to quickly grab a snickers while buzzing down the highway and not lose all our shi*. I also like to keep goggles in close reach and the rear pocket on the Rainier is a perfect marriage (non removable pocket placed in back/closest to rider).

goggle in front pocket rainier

2 side pockets and 1 front pocket are perfect for a cell phone, charger cables, etc.  2 way zippers are also placed on every zipper.  

3 of the 4 outer pockets are easily removable

rainier side pockets wolfman 

front pocket rainier wolfman

mesh pocket inside, perfect for a tire gauge or other small items.

sides of the bag are stiffened to help keep it's shape.

inside rainier pocket tire gauge dirt bike

the top is set up for the clear map pocket and available top pocket.  I also like to stick the velcro from my gloves on the bag when I stop to prevent them from blowing away or falling off, the bungee can be used for this as well.

rainier top pocket velcro
expanded top is accomplished with easy access zipper.
rainier expandable gusset tank bag
easy access pull tabs make refined adjustments easily accessible. 
i move my tank bags as far forward as possible to give room for standing

i decided to use existing bolts to mount, or you could wrap the webbing around your frame.

front mounting for rainier review

rain cover

rainier rain cover review


To sum it up...

  • The price is spot on when it comes to features and quality.
  • I quickly became comfortable with it's size and very much appreciate the extra pockets as I'm an organization freak.
  • I don't foresee myself ever needing the additional top pocket but I can see how it would be handy for 2 up travel.
  • The rain cover bunches up into a small ball and is easily tucked away to take up almost no space.
  • I really really like those easy accessible tabs to tighten up the mounting points as it seems like tank bags always need a little adjustment from time to time, and should make fueling stops that much easier.
  • I'm excited to use the 2 way zippers on the side pockets to navigate my charging cables.
  • I almost always run my rear top box for overflow items like long underwear, hat, extra gloves, etc. This bag might finally give me a place for these items to shed the extra weight of the top box.

I now have yet another reason to get excited about traveling... 



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